Music is a necessity for me.

Take everything away: gigs, bands, opportunities to play an instrument. Still inside of me the music continues.

This has shown me that music is more for me than just a choice, it’s something that keeps flowing even when I stop. It’s something that fills me with utter delight, at times with pure frustration, with awe, and the coolest thing is: it’s coming out of me!

This is why I have to keep going! 


3 projects I’m proud of:
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So what do I do? I’m a drummer.
This is the biggest part of what I do.
Next to that come other things: I also love to sing, write music, coach
and make beautiful coffee. 
But remember: the biggest chunk is drums.

When I feel low, music is the only language I can still draw on 
to express what’s inside of me. In those moments I find relieve,
receive new perspective and it makes me feel a lot lighter than
before. I hope that you will experience this too by listening to my music,
seeing me play at a concert (or in any other way). This is why I make music. 

This website will be an ever-evolving portfolio of my creative work. There’s a contact form on my website to get in contact with me, and a possibility to buy my debut album in the ‘buy’-section. 

love, Timo!